823 Byron dr South San Francisco CA

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Detailed Scope of Work

Roof (rip and replace) – Architectual Shingle1650Square Feet
Gutters & downspouts – demo & install new (Flat Cost)1350Square Feet
Demo existing finishing material1350Square Feet
STUCCO1350Square Feet
Stucco patch entire exterior where needed
Remove any damaged wood prior stucco
Remove stucco where the ceiling joist and install new beam- will remove after Carlos confirms
Fireplace/chimney, brick/stone -REMOVE EXISTING1Lump Sum
Painting Exterior & Interior Combine (Whole Property)1350Square Feet
Replace and Paint all 7 + 2 doors
Prep and paint all rooms per color scheme please discuss the color before purchase, tbd
Paint all Trims & baseboards colors (white)
Paint entire house as per color scheme given by Eva/Carlos
Windows, vinyl, average size7Each
Window, large bay window – remove & replace1Each
Replace and install windows and make sure they operate properly –
Total 7 Windows – standard sizes –
Kitchen window facing road need resizing
Master bedroom window needs to shift to middle,
Install skylight kitchen only 20-24 inches max – on above island
Install windows trims in entire house for windows

Garage Door Only – 1 Car – 9’x7′ door, manual1Each
Install new roll up garage door and opener
Install new exit door
Check washer and dryer hookup functioning
Install house number plate at the garage
Full Landscaping Makeover Medium Lot1Lump Sum
Clean Up Landscaping & Yard Only1Lump Sum
Exterior – Concrete/Asphalt
Demo existing concrete or asphalt350Square Feet
Concrete installed for driveway350Square Feet
Please note that we will be buying following items: so your bid should exclude these items
1. Actual Flooring Material
The floor color could be like this https://www.homedepot.com/p/Lifeproof-Terrado-Oak-Water-Resistant-12-mm-Laminate-Flooring-19-83-sq-ft-case-HL1310/302939573 or light Oak
VINYL (hardwood LOOKING) flooring except bathrooms1150Square Feet
Remove existing flooring
The kitchen flooring is same as entire house flooring
Install white baseboards in the entire house
Install flooring insulation – moisture barrier such as plastic material) damp proof liquid barrier
Install vinyl flooring(hardwood looking) in entire house except bathrooms
Interior – Tiling
Backsplash wall tile – in kitchen – measurement may vary200Square Feet
Ceramic floor tile – in bathrooms – measurement may vary250Square Feet
Construct niche cut in in shower surround install tile surround
Tile floor – 12 by 24 https://www.homedepot.com/p/TrafficMaster-Strata-12-in-x-24-in-Matte-Ceramic-Floor-and-Wall-Tile-16-sq-ft-Case-NHDSTR1224/206083674
Install Tile walls/Shower area 12 by 24 inches on shower area
Tile shower enclosure field wall- bigger tiles as example above

Median kitchen – cabinets & countertops1Each
Please note that we will be buying following items: so your bid should exclude these items and everything else should be included such as rough materials/tools of trade,
1. Kitchen Cabinets
2. Faucet
3. Cabinet handlers/knobs
4. Garbage Disposal
5. Exhaust fan/range hood
6. Quartz countertop
7. Recessed lights
8. backsplash
9. Appliances
10. Sink
11. Island
Install new kitchen cabinets (match existing layout)
Install new stainless steel appliances – Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave shelf, stove range hood – Eva/Carlos will buy appliances We will buy appliances as we discussed
Install backsplash – ( tile )
Install new quartz countertops, – (Customer/Eva to approve)
Install new under mount sink
Install new faucet
Install new garbage disposal with air gap switch ( no need)
Install 6” recessed can light and one over sink on separate
NOTE: Install same recess lights size in entire house – 6” is standard
Install 3 hanging island lights (Customer/Eva to approve)
Paint as per color scheme.
Clean kitchen cabinets thoroughly, remove any cabinet liners
Paint as per color scheme.
The kitchen flooring is same as entire house flooring (see point 3 in flooring section)
Install exhaust fan (hood)
Install kitchen Island
Install kitchen hood
Install GFCI sockets
Update electrical to code as per blue print
Update plumbing to code as per blue print not including any plumbing outside of the house connecting to main – not include water service line or main sewer line connection to City YES OK
Install new reframing and ceiling joist in the new kitchen/dining See point 11 in DEMO heading

Interior – Appliances
Install Home Appliances that we will purchase, Stove, refrigerator, Dishwasher,1Each
Other – Demolition & Dumpsters
Demolition work (cost to fill one 40 yd dumpster)3Each
Dumpster rental (40 yard)3Each

Kitchen countertops, backsplash and cabinets
Remove kitchen appliances
Remove all trash in the house
Remove all in the front bedroom and hallway
Remove backsplash and countertop in kitchen
Remove Popcorn Ceilings
Remove fireplace
Demo front bedroom wall facing living room per plan and
Remove beam in the new dinning/kitchen
Remove existing flooring
Interior – Bathroom – (Grouped)
Full Master bath – everything new1Each
Please note that we will be buying following items: so your bid should exclude all finishing materials items such as below:: you will bid only for labor charge and rough materials
1. Towel and toilet paper holder
2. Vanity
3. Mirror
4. Vanity light
5. Toilet
6. Sink
7. Exhaust fan
8. Shower door
9. Shower valve
10. bathroom 4 piece bathroom accessories set
11. Floor tiles
12. Shower tiles & grout
13. Rain shower head
14. Vacancy & moisture sensor
New toilet – elongated ones
New standing shower with the glass door – frameless is ok
Install new vanities with marble/quartz top and sink – check sizes that can fit – check ready made made vanities prefab one
Install New Faucets, towel holder
Install shower light
Install Rain shower head preferred and regular shower head – diverter
Install 1 new shower valves
Install exhaust fan – moisture control
Install mirror above vanity
Install new lighting above the vanity mirror
Install quiet exhaust fan with moisture sensor
Install towel racks and toilet holders – Install bathroom 4 piece bathroom accessories set
Interior – Hall way Bathroom – (Grouped)
The hallway bathroom stays “as-is” except following from inspection report
repairing plumbing in hall bathroom if need it and change all new angle stop
Interior – Framing
Interior wall framing – PER PLAN300 approx.Square Feet
Interior framing changes, 4TH BEDROOM (non load bearing) – PER PLAN300 approxSquare Feet
Open load bearing/structural wall, CONVERSION FRONT BEDROOM TO KITCHEN – PER PLAN1Each
Install new reframing and ceiling joist in the new kitchen/dining See point 11 in DEMO heading
Remove beam in the proposed dinning/kitchen
Description: The floor level goes 1 step down in the living area to the proposed kitchen area, there is a beam in the ceiling that needs to push inside and cover ceiling with sheetrock respectively
Need framing modification for master bedroom, & 4th new bedroom & proposed kitchen windows
Frame and install new exit door from garage to side yard
Interior – Insulation
Wall insulation1350Square Feet
Attic insulation, blown-in – w1350Square Feet
Insulate all exterior walls within the house
Insulate existing 2 bedrooms in the back
Interior – Walls
Drywall, tape & skimcoat walls/ceilings in entire house when gutted – level 41350Square Feet
Remove Popcorn Ceiling500Square Feet
Interior – Doors & Trim
Please note that we will be buying following items: so your bid should exclude these items
1. 5 Ft. sliding door
2. Front main entrance door,
3. 2 special doors within the garage
4. Windows( 3 for bedrooms),
5. 5 ft sliding door, for 4th bedroom
6. Small window for the new 4th bedroom,
7. Garage door
New interior doors7Each
Special garage doors2Each
Interior sliding closet door4Each
Install new closet in the master bedroom ( standard one shelf and rod not the shelve system )
Exterior front door – single door w/ hardware & dead bolt1Each
Exterior sliding glass door – double door in 4th bedroom1Each
New baseboard trim450Linear Feet
Install new hardware for doors (provide 2 keys) – ADA locks
(Kitchen cabinets and bathroom hardware with all the same matching color scheme)
The bathroom does not need key locks but different hardware
Some preferred examples are brushed nickel or black
Install new exit door within the garage per plan
Install shelving for all closets
Resize window in the kitchen.
Mechanicals – HVAC
Gas fired forced hot air heating system, ac system, & ductwork1Each
Install new HVAC system with new duct.
Perform all necessary work that requires to install new HVAC
Mechanicals – Plumbing
New plumbing system in kitchen and master bath1Each
Check all existing plumbing & repair/replace as needed, per code
Inspect water heater and make sure it is installed up to code
(Put proper brassing, Relocate or replace existing hot water heater and install new one if necessary)
New angle stops on all water lines
Correct all plumbing in laundry room
Check gas lines & repair/replace as needed
Check all drain lines and hose bibs & repair/replace as needed
Laundry room piping and duct
new Supply piping *
Note :May be repiping the rest of house is making more sense
Mechanicals – Electrical
Rewire entire house, new panel, & new recess lights, exterior lights, island lights, master bed lights, all lighting fixtures (1,350 sq. ft house)1Each
Please note that we will be buying following items: so your bid should exclude these items
6-inch or 4 inch whichever is less labor intensive?
1. For 4 bedrooms – 16 recess lights
2. Main living area – 6 recess
3. hallway – 2
4. Kitchen – 7
5. Island lights – 3 pendant
6. Exterior lights – 3
7. Dim to Dusk light front entrace
Update electrical to code as per blue print
Check all wiring & replace where needed, per code
Check panel & repair/replace as needed
Replace and relocate panel
Install dead panel if missing
Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors per code
Install new vanity lights in all bathrooms
Replace all outlets and switches
Upgrade all wiring as needed per code
Install recessed lights throughout the house inside the house
Motion sensor for exterior
Check for open junction point in the attic
Install doorbell
Put dimmer in each room
Provide pictures to apply PG&E permit application
Install new exterior lighting on doorway, garage, sides and back as per plan
Install new recessed lights (4 in each room suggest 6” )
For living room, 6 recessed lights with dimmer – small
Other – Termites
Termite fumigation & treatment – check termite inspection report1Lump Sum
Fix damaged fascia board at all sides of the house
– [Already known section 8] – see inspection report
Repair all termite damaged material