The 8 Best Places To Live If You Are Planning to Leave CA

The 8 Best Places to live If You Are Planning to Leave CA 

You are ready for a change. You have started the research, figuring out how to make the sale of your house quick and painless. Are you ready to sell your home and move out of San Jose, and even out of sunny California? 

So the question remains, where do you want to go? 

Whether you are moving for business or pleasure, for a work relocation or due to rising home prices in California, there are countless options for where to settle once you have made the big shift. How to begin searching? 

In this article, we will take a look at the best places to live if you are planning to leave California- and why they are attracting so many Californians ready to move out of state. 

1. Texas

In 2018, 691,000 people left California to move to a new state. Top of the list for former Golden State residents was the Lone Star State: Texas. So what is the attraction for Californians seeking to relocate? 

A big state with the country’s second largest population after California, Texas has an abundance of jobs on offer, making it easy for Californians to start afresh once they arrive.  The unemployment rate in Texas is only about 3%, and in 2019 Texas added more new jobs than any state in the country, including California. 

Texas also offers lower price points on new home purchases, as well as reduced taxes. Many veterans and those seeking a more religious, or conservative way of life find the culture in Texas is better suited to their needs. 

2. Arizona

Arizona has always been a popular destination for retirees seeking a slower pace of life, but now this desert state has become a top location for remote workers. Arizona cities offer all the benefits that work from home employees need- great culinary options, high speed internet comparable to the broadband speeds in California, and sites of cultural and historical interest. A business group in Phoenix recently launched an aggressive advertising campaign seeking to court California residents ready to make their big move. 

SUV’s circulate throughout San Francisco bearing the slogan #CAStrugglesAreReal, in recognition of the real difficulties residents of this high-priced area experience. The campaign is attracting Californians to Phoenix’s laidback, lower pressure atmosphere- and alerting them to all the benefits the Copper State has to offer.

3. Washington

For outdoorsy Californians seeking a more affordable housing market, Washington provides the perfect mix of forest landscapes, eco-friendly businesses, and urban sophistication. 

Bay Area tech industry employees who are ready for a change can relocate to Seattle, as long as they can embrace the frequent rain. Seattle is known for its cozy coffee shops, Pike’s Place Market, and the peaceful coastal landscape. 

Plus, the state offers enough abundant hiking and camping possibilities to satisfy any environmentally conscious Californian. 

4. Nevada

From the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the stunning vistas of the surrounding desert, Nevada is an enticing choice for Californians. Twenty percent of the population of Nevada now comprises former California residents. In 2019 alone, almost 100,000 Californians moved to Sin City. 

Attracted by cheap housing and low taxes, Californians are flocking to Nevada to experience the “state of second chances”, where they can jump at the chance to reinvent themselves and start afresh- with greatly improved financial prospects. 

5. Oregon

Like Washington, Oregon provides all the natural beauty an outdoorsy Californian desires, with affordable housing options that take the pressure off of everyday life. Oregon’s forests provide stunning natural splendor and the state attracts new residents drawn to alternative and off-the-beaten path approaches to life. 

Portland, Oregon’s capital city, is known for its thriving small business community. If you have a quirky business idea, Portland is the place to open it and succeed. Nearly one in five people living in Portland today were born in California, and these ex-Californians bring all the creativity and can-do attitude that helps keep Portland unique. 

6. Colorado

With hundreds of craft breweries, micro-pubs, wineries, and fine dining options, Colorado is an ideal destination for foodies. Some parts of the state get over 300 days of sunshine each year, and in this sunny atmosphere you can explore the gorgeous national parks. 

The state is home to 44 state parks, seven national monuments, and four national parks, including Red Rocks. During the summer, the Red Rocks Amphitheater hosts concerts and music festivals in a stunning natural location, making Colorado the perfect home for Californian music lovers. 

Colorado’s abundant outdoor spaces provide the setting for extreme sports, from skiing and snowboarding to whitewater rafting and mountain biking. It’s no surprise that residents of Colorado make this one of the most physically active states in the country.

7. Florida

Year-round sunshine, low living costs, and no state income tax make Florida particularly appealing for Californians who love the beach. Jacksonville, Florida’s capital, is among the country’s top ten cities with the fastest growing economies, making a move to Florida a smart economic decision. 

And the beach lifestyle is everywhere in Florida. With a coastline that provides over 500 more miles of beaches than California, Florida is a haven for surfers and suntanning. 

The state offers big cities with active cultural scenes, like Miami and Orlando, and small towns with a sleepier feel, for residents who are more interested in enjoying the quiet sunshine than partying in nightclubs. 

8. New York

New York City has always attracted Californians in specific industries: its world-famous theaters, universities, and widespread public transportation system make NYC a top destination for Californians seeking to trade the beach for the Big Apple. 

But New York has got a lot more going on than simply NYC. Upstate New York offers a rapidly growing community of creative West Coast transplants looking for a tighter-knit community feeling at more affordable prices than California’s coastal towns have to offer. 

The state also has a lower income tax rate than California, allowing New York residents to save more than they spend. 

Consider the Options

For Californians ready to sell their homes, the country provides plenty of great options for a new start. Whether you are driven by concerns over your budget, a desire to develop your interests, or simply the need for a change, these top destinations offer ideal options for where to live after California. You have taken the step to research, figuring out how to make the sale of your house quick and painless. We hope this list will give you your next best place to live!

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